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Our history

The history of Ambassador Hotel Bosten

It all began in 1896 when Johann Bosten and his wife Elise Klein took over the Weser Hotel "A la ville de Verviers" located directly at the river of Eupen, called the “Weser“.

Over the years, the level of the entire hotel operation and also of the kitchen grew steadily.

1988, the complex was extended to 20 more modern hotel rooms.

Generations of the Family Bosten took over and the Hotel Bosten became one of the most prestigious establishments in the area.

After the sudden death of the Hotel Director Roger in 2009 his brother Hubert Bostem continued the operation.

Mister Hubert Bosten managed the hotel until the end of 2015.

Early 2016 the Hotel Bosten went into the possession of the

Hua Mei society.

Under the new management, the hotel is constantly adapted to

the needs of today.

The team of longtime and new employees is a guarantee of proven quality and increasing comfort.

The Ambassador Hotel Bosten is still the focal point for a pleasant stay in Eupen and its wonderfull surrounding area, as well as for the excellent cuisine and superb service in the hotel restaurant "Le Gourmet".

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